AGI Open Seoul

24./25. September 2016

Paul Cox


1959년 파리에서 태어난 폴 콕스는 십 대에 음악가가 되려고 바이올린을 배우다가 피에르 알친스키(Pierre Alechinsky)와 만난 이후 그림으로 진로를 바꿨다. 예술을 독학한 그는 미술사와 영어를 공부하며 생활을 유지했다. 그는 2004년 "Coxcodex I"라는 책을 처음 발행했고, 2005년에는 퐁피두 센터에서 설치 작품을 전시했으며, 오페라 호두까기 인형(The Nutcracker, 2005)과 병사의 이야기(L’Histoire du soldat, 1997)의 무대디자인을 했다.


A self-taught artist, Cox studied art history and English with a view to earning a living and becoming ‘a Sunday painter for whom every day would be a Sunday’, in the words of Dubuffet. After writing a thesis on Laurence Sterne and gaining a teaching qualification, he quickly stopped teaching, preferring to design children’s books, posters, illustrations for the press, logos, etc., as well as keeping up his painting. He also works for the stage, designing sets and costumes for L’Histoire du soldat (Opéra de Nancy, 1997) and The Nutcracker (Opéra de Genève, 2005). He has published games and is interested in all printing techniques, which he uses more for experimental production than reproduction - as seen in A Sentimental Journey, his recent series of modular maps revisited for one of his collections by Issey Miyake. Cox has begun the regular publication of his work in book form, with the first volume, Coxcodex I, being published by Le Seuil in 2004. The Centre Pompidou exhibited his large-scale installation Jeu de Construction (Construction Set) in 2005.


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