AGI Open Seoul

24./25. September 2016

Keith Godard



키스 고다드는 London College of Printing과 Yale University School of Art and Architecture를 졸업 후 1968년 워크스 디자인 그룹을 설립, 1987년까지 Hans van Dijk과 Stephanie Tevonian과 함께 운영했다. 그 이후로는 스튜디오워크스의 대표로 있으면서 전시, 웨이파인딩(wayfinding), 편집, 인포그래픽 등 다양한 디자인을 해오고 있다. School of Visual Arts, RCA, Dundee University, Yale University등에서 전임 또는 강사로 학생들을 가르친다.
대표 프로젝트에는 뉴욕 MTA mural, Lincoln Centre 배너 디자인, UNICEF와 UNFPA 전시 등이 있으며, ‘Images of an Era(1975)’, ‘Ephemeral Images(1976),’ ‘Images for Survival(1985),’ ‘Modern Poster(1988),’ ‘this way that way: 30-year retrospective of work (1999)’ 등의 전시를 개최하였다. 또한, 1973년과 2000년에 바르샤바 포스터 비엔날레에도 참여한바 있다.


Graduated London College of Printing in 1962, Yale University School of Art and Architecture in 1967. Started Works Design Group with architect partners in 1968. Continued until 1987 with Hans van Dijk and Stephanie Tevonian. Since then, sole proprietor of StudioWorks. Designs exhibitions, wayfinding, print design and publishing, public art and info art. Teaches part time: Philadelphia College of Art, 1968-78; Cooper Union, from 1976-present; from 2000, School of Visual Arts graduate programme; NY State College of Art and Design.
Lecturing and workshops: RCA London, College of Communications, Dundee University, Yale University, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel.
Projects: MTA, Arts for Transit, subway murals, Empire State Building observation plaques, exhibitions for UNICEF and UNFPA, banners for Lincoln Centre NY. Design consultant for posters and publications for University of Virginia School of Architecture at Charlottesville. Brooklyn Bridge Centennial Commission, NY Landmarks Conservancy, the P.T. Barnum Museum, MoMA and Getty Museum. Exhibitions: ‘Images of an Era’, 1975; ‘Ephemeral Images’, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 1976; ‘Images for Survival’, Hiroshima Museum, 1985; ‘Modern Poster’, NY MoMA, 1988; Warsaw Poster Biennales, 1973/2000; ‘The World’s Most Memorable Poster Competition’, 1999; ‘this way that way’: 30-year retrospective of work at the University of the Arts Philadelphia and Cooper Union Lubalin Center, 2003 and 2005.

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